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Description: Chuuls are lobster-like aberrations with a deep hatred for humanoid surface-dwellers. They are a horrible mix of crustacean, and insect most closely resembling a huge yellow-green lobster. They clatter around on four powerful legs, snapping their powerful claws to intimidate prey. It is rumored the many tentacles surrounding their mouth are capable of causing paralysis with a single touch. Living in deep waters have helped them evolve the ability of Darkvision, and are very sensitive to the presence of magic. Whilst they abhor surface life, they do have the ability to breathe air when needed, which makes it much easier for a pod of Chuul to raid coastal human villages.
Stat Adjustments: strength+3, intelligence-7, constitution+3, charisma-5, wisdom-3, save vs mind+20, save vs electricity-10, max strength adj.+3, max intelligence adj.-7, max constitution adj.+3, max charisma adj.-5, max wisdom adj.-3
Racial Abilities: Paralyze Prey Razor Pinch AutoSwim Swim
Cultural Abilities:
Racial Effects:
Bonus Languages: Aquan
Bonus Abilities: detect magic, darkvision
Immunities: Scurvy, Sea Sickness, Foot Fungus
Experience Modification: 0%
Life Expectancy: 78 years
Starting Equipment:
Wear Locations: held floating nearby eyes body mouth back
Qualifying Classes: