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==CoffeeMUD Classes==
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===CoffeeMUD Bard Classes===
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Description: The Charlatan is the master of deception and disguise. Often praised because of his natural acting ability, as well as his highly social nature, the Charlatan can be quite antisocial if he chooses, and extremely annoying to other players almost without trying.

How to play: The Charlatan is also a natural spy in muds with numerous players, and has an extremely wide assortment of skills. More than any other class, the Charlatan can taste the powers of all other classes, sometimes with real skill, and sometimes only in seeming. For this reason, the Charlatan is ideal for those who want a taste of all classes, or at least to seem like he is. He is a natural group member, being able to fit almost any role by using his varied skills, or by tricking his group members into thinking he belongs in the role they require.

Primary Stat: Charisma
Qualifications: Charisma 9+, Wisdom 9+
Practices: 5 +(Wisdom/6)+1 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the Wisdom/X+Y number.
Trains: 3 +1 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the number preceding the "per level".
Hit Points: 20 +(Con/3)+(2d6) per lvl.
Mana: 100 +(Int/3)+(1d6)/lvl.
Movement: 100 +10X(Str/18) per lvl.
Attack: +(Cha/18) per level.
Damage: +1 damage per 10 level(s).
Maximum Stat Values: Charisma (22), Wisdom (22), Others (18)
Bonuses: Receives 2% resistance per level to mind affects, 4% resistance per level to divination spells. Non-class skills become cheaper at 30th level. Gains a random non-class skill or spell every other level! Receives exploration and pub-finding experience based on danger level.
Weapons: Must use swords, daggers, natural, or ranged weapons.
Armor: Must wear non-metal armor.
Starting Equipment: a short sword
Races: Half Elf Human
Level Class Skills (Skills in parenthesis must be trained for at a trainer or by another player.)
1 (Edged Weapon Specialization) (Bandaging) Sword Specialization Befriend (Hand to hand combat) Haggle Recall Nothing Write (Smoke Rings) (Ranged Weapon Specialization) (Swim) (Foraging) (Gem Digging) (Drilling) (Fishing) (Herbology) (Hunting) (Shearing)
2 Revoke (Swipe gold) (Lacquering) (Embroidering) (Dyeing) (Butchering) (Engraving) (Cooking) (Wood Chopping)
3 (Climb) Disguise Fire Building (Hide) (Blacksmithing) (Clan Crafting) (Tailoring) (Leather Working) (Carpentry)
4 Suave (Searching) (Mark) (Mining) (Weaving) (Pottery) (Costuming) (Sculpting) (Distilling) (Tanning)
5 (Rescue) Strike The Set (Painting) (Food Prep) (Baking) (Armorsmithing) (Cobbling) (Weaponsmithing) (Glass Blowing) (Fletching) (Scrimshawing) (Paper Making)
6 (Read Magic) Songcraft
7 (Cast Blocking) Imitate
8 (Wands) (Distract)
9 (Break A Leg) (Warrants)
10 (Awareness) (Dodge) (Wainwrighting) (Masonry) (Jewel Making) (Construction) (Siegecraft) (Ship Building) (Locksmithing) (Speculating) (Farming) (Smelting) (Taxidermy)
11 False Arrest Comprehension
12 Spellcraft (Rage) (Magic Missile) (Track)
13 Make Maps (Trip)
14 Analyze Mark (Upstage)
15 (Protection) Chantcraft (Irrigation) (Landscaping) (Excavation) (Composting)
16 Shuffle (Exit Stage Left)
17 (Summon Plants) (Second Attack)
18 (Cure Light Wounds) Prayercraft (Mana)
19 Knowledge (Curtain Call)
20 Monologue Detection
21 Thanks (Locate Object)
22 (Ad Lib) (Parry)
23 (Strength) Con
24 (Frame Mark) Disgust
25 Mark Disguise

How to Play

Successfully playing a charlatan is a simple enough thing, but unique in that it requires slightly different strategies than the usual grind of combat oriented classes. Firstly, take note that like all bard classes, the charlatan can get some extremely fast and effective experience from exploration. This is by far the fastest early game means of progression, and is fairly easy to do with the help of some maps, Krafti, who is 1 west of the altar in Midgaard, and some preparation. Note: don't be tempted to just enter each area and move on for the initial discovery experience; you are much better off completely exploring each area and then moving on. Otherwise you risk forgetting where you have already explored, though the where command can show you this information for your current area. You get exploration experience at discovery, half explored and 90% explored of each area. No need to get 100% exploration for each area, unless you are really motivated to fill out your spreadsheets. Also be wary of high level areas. The greater the level gap between your char and the average level of the area, the more experience you get. However, high level areas can be dangerous with aggro npcs, and thus more difficult to explore safely. Read signs before entering an area, as this usually gives some information. Reading the area helpfile is also a good idea. If possible, get a mage to buff you with improved invisibility or something similar, so that you can move unmolested. Flight is also very helpful, and often necessary. Of course, some mobs can see through invisibility, and some rooms are deathtraps, so be careful no matter what buffs you have. Hopefully the random skill gain your charlatan gets will grant you flight, invis or other useful utility buffs as well. This is random though, so can't be relied on. You will probably want wands to supplement yourself when luck fails and a mage isn't available. Combat will be unlikely to be a reliable means of advancement until you are later in the game, due to the relative lack of damage output. With some effort you can grind it, but it's much easier to use exploration for at least the first 30-40 levels. Charlatans also get a wide number of class skills. This doesn't seem to be a completely random spread, as all charlatans created so far have received delay poison, at least for the writer. However, this may or may not be 100% consistent. Note that you will need to get into other class guilds to train up class specific skills, such as cleric prayers, mage spells and thief skills. In areas such as Midgaard, where guild entrances are blocked, you can use disguise class to change your class. Disguise class cleric, for instance, will let you enter into the cleric guildhall and train your prayers. It is so far unknown if disguising alignment will allow charlatans to cast anti-evil/anti-good prayers when of the opposite alignment. If not, then some prayers received may be difficult, or impossible, to use without dramatic alignment shifts. Take note of these requirements. Finally, regarding combat. Take note that the charlatan receives a number of combat control oriented skills. These don't actually allow the charlatan to reliable win combat, but does make surviving a lot easier. Things like exit stage left will force mobs to flee, though you need a est exit for it. This is a fast way to end combat that isn't going well. It can even be turned lethal if used in conjunction with a teleportation spell that drops the opponent into a room with a deathtrap to the west. Even a simple teleportation to the edge of the world will endlessly loop an npc into running west, which is an effective way to take them permanently out of a fight, though it won't kill them. Other skills, such as upstage, shuffle and cast blocking are useful for group combat. Of course, that requires a group in the first place, but this can let a charlatan thrive fairly well. All in all, the charlatan is great for exploration, and once you have enough skills, you can become quite dangerous. However, it will always be somewhat luck of the draw. The charlatan is almost always guaranteed to have a good set of utility abilities. With creativity, this can be made into something dangerous, or simply useful. It requires thought however, and balancing of resources. Good luck. Break a leg.

Multi-Classing Options and Effectiveness