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Usage: TITLE
Examples: title
Description: This command allows players who have been awarded 1 or more titles to select which title is displayed when their character is seen. If a prefix and suffix title are chosen, they will be displayed together. Selecting "Do not use a title", and then selecting a suffix or prefix will use the title alone.


  • Titles are shown on the WHO list and room Display.
  • A character may use 1 prefix, 1 suffix, 1 prefix and suffix, 1 unspecified, or no title at all.
    • A title where your name appears at the end is known as a PREFIX title.
    • A title where your name appears at the start is known as a SUFFIX title.
    • A title that doesn't conform to PREFIX or SUFFIX is an UNSPECIFIED title.
  • Changing a prefix or suffix title will only replace that position of the title.
    • To clear out prefixes and suffixes, use NO title, then you may add a prefix or suffix by itself.