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Your inclination represents your social tendencies, with Lawful representing adherence to a strong social structure, Chaotic representing a strong self-reliance, and Moderate representing the balance of the two. Inclination will tend to rise over time (towards lawfulness), if a character takes no other (chaotic) actions. Inclination is a subset of alignment, and may sometimes be referenced as such. It is common to represent both inclination and alignment as a common descriptor, like Lawful Good or Moderate Evil.


Lawful represents cultural acceptance and social order.


Moderate representing the balance between Lawful and Chaotic.


Chaotic representing heightened importance on free will and rule fluidity.

Inclination Table

Inclination Display Score
Lawful Pure Lawful 7500 to 10000
Lawful Lawful 4501 to 7500
Moderate Somewhat Lawful 1501 to 4500
Moderate Moderate -1499 to 1500
Moderate Somewhat Chaotic -4499 to -1500
Chaotic Chaotic -7499 to -4500
Chaotic Pure Chaotic -10000 to --4500

Impacts of Inclination

Inclination does not affect experience gains, unlike Alignment. Killing mobs does not affect your inclination, regardless of the mob's inclination.

For some classes, inclination can play an important role. Good Paladins must be lawful, and will find that their spellcasting ability disappears with their lawfulness. Clerics may be lawful, moderate or chaotic, but their spell choices can profoundly impact their inclination. Druids and Rangers must maintain moderation to use their chants.

Paladin Abilities

The following paladin abilities require an inclination score of 4501 (Lawful) or higher:

  • Summon Mount
  • Healing Hands
  • Defend
  • Command Horse
  • Breakup
  • Purity
  • Poison Immunity
  • Paladin's Mount
  • Mounted Charge
  • Improved Resists
  • Goodness
  • Disease Immunity
  • Courage
  • Aura
  • Abiding Aura
  • Craft Holy Avenger

Cleric Subclass Inclinations

  • The Cleric subclass can have any inclination, and their auto-gained prayers will be reflective of their inclination and alignment at the time of gaining a level.
  • Templars, Missionaries and Purists tend to be lawful, and have access to many lawfully inclinated prayers.
  • Necromancers and Oracles tend to moderate inclination, and have access to some moderate inclinated prayers.
  • Doomsayers, Shaman, and Healers tend to be chaotic, and have access to many chaotic inclinated prayers.

Adjusting Inclination

Certain actions can adjust a player's inclination. In general, activities that promote social stability are lawful, and those that promote the self are chaotic. Some specific actions include:


Socials should be targetted at someone in order to modify your inclination.

Social Adjustment Notes
Insane -5 Time-restricted
Explode -5 Time-restricted
Highfive (someone) +5 Time-restricted
Mischievous -5 Time-restricted
Zerbert -5 Time-restricted
Salute +5 Time-restricted
Burp -5 Time-restricted
Greet +5 Time-restricted
Smurf -5 Time-restricted
Toast (someone) +5 Time-restricted
Fart -5 Time-restricted
Wiggy -5 Time-restricted
Thank (someone) +5 Time-restricted
Bathe +5 Time-restricted
Flash -5 Time-restricted
Brick -5 Time-restricted
Handshake (someone) +5 Time-restricted
Snowball -5 Time-restricted
Raspberry -5 Time-restricted
Gouge -5 Time-restricted
Applaud +5 Time-restricted
Clap (someone) +5 Time-restricted
Wedgie -5 Time-restricted
Strangle -5 Time-restricted


Domain or Prayer Adjustment Notes
Prayer Marry 1000 Time-restricted
Prayer Divorce -1000 Time-restricted
Prayer Annul -1000 Time-restricted
Prayer Sacrifice +10 Time-restricted
Prayer Desecrate +10 Time-restricted
Prayer Bury +10 Time-restricted
Corruption Domain -25 Time-restricted
Prayer Cleanliness +5 Time-restricted

Other Abilities/Activities

Domain, skill or action Adjustment Notes
Dirty Fighting Domain -25 Time-restricted
Stealing Domain -25 Time-restricted
Legal Domain +25 Time-restricted
Play Dirge +10 Time-restricted
Skill Collect Bounty +100 Time-restricted
Skill Meditation +5 Time-restricted
Building Domain +25 Time-restricted
Thief Articles +100 Time-restricted
Organizing Domain +5 Time-restricted
Skill Arresting Sap +100 Time-restricted
Skill Arrest +100 Time-restricted
Being arrested -1000 Time-restricted
Foolishness Domain -25 Time-restricted
Criminal Domain -25 Time-restricted