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Items in CoffeeMUD

ITEMS are things which players manipulate in the world. Some items are visual only, some are able to be picked up, some worn, or eaten.


Items will have a variety of fields depending on the item type. Not all items will have all of the fields listed below:


The name field is the short name of the item. It should fit inside the sentence "You pick up (item name)." If you give the name a color code, be sure to properly close off that color code so it doesn't bleed into other text.


The display should be a sentence describing how the item appears unattended in a room. It should be a very short sentence with the item noun (some description of the item, not necessarily the name) a passive verb in present tense (sits/lays) and a location (on the ground/here/nearby) and end in punctuation.


This is a longer description of the item. Feel free to be very descriptive (or not very descriptive if the item is uninteresting).


This is the item's level. In general, a player may only use an item their level or lower, and can only pick up an item up to 5 (need to confirm) levels above their level.

Material Type

This is the base GenEnvResource that the item is made of, which will have a variety of impacts to how the item is treated for certain purposes.

Wear Location

For items that can be worn, a determination for what sort of body parts the item covers. There are parameters for wearing on all of the locations listed, or any single location listed.

  • Example, a bracelet is worn on ANY ONE of the locations LEFT WRIST||RIGHT WRIST, while handcuffs are worn on ALL locations LEFT WRIST&&RIGHT WRIST.


For armor, this determines if it covers clothing underneath it. Items must be 2 layer sizes higher than the lower layer to wear over it. Layers at the underclothes level are generally negative.


This field has lots of meaning. A rejuv of 0 means that the item will only spawn in a saved room on server boot. A numerical value for an item not in a mob's possession will indicate the number of ticks (~ 4 seconds) before this item will respawn if it is removed from its start room. A numerical value for an item in a mob's possession determines the percent chance that it will spawn when the mob spawns. The RESETWHOLE behavior can also provide some other ways of controlling how items and mobs rejuv.


  • Avoid using the term RUIN for item descriptions, since players may often DROP ALL RUIN to get rid of trash. (Note, items with Nordic runes are called RUNIC.)
  • The bonuses an item provides affects the item's derived Power Level. For a guide on how to scale item's power levels, visit the Loki's Guide on Item Power Level section.

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