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This page is for listing all instruments in CoffeeMUD. There are several guidelines for placing items on the wiki:

  • Omit any leading articles for describing the item, such as "A", "AN" or "THE". This will help facilitate searches so that not all items end up in the A or T indexes.
  • Please do not list the MOB or ROOM where the item can be found. Listing the AREA is fine, so that players can explore areas for themselves to find the items.
  • Similarly, for learning recipes, only provide the skill type and the resultant level.
  • For all items that fit the instrument category, use the Instrument Template to create the item.
    • There are instructions on how to use the template within the body of the template. Do not modify the template itself.
    • Add this category to the bottom of the page, as well as an INSTRUMENT(Type) and INSTRUMENT(Level#) category for future categorization pages.

Instrument Types

Instrument Family Instrument Type Wear Location Example Instruments Notes
Brass Horns French Horn, hunting Horn
Brass Trombones Trombone, Bass Trombone
Brass Trumpets Trumpet, Cornet
Brass Tubas Tuba, Sousaphone, Baritone
Keys Pianos Piano, Clavicord
Keys Organs Organ, Hydraulis
Percussion Cymbals Chimes, Triangle, Cymbals
Percussion Drums Drum, Bongo
Percussion Woods Clapper, Castanets
Percussion Xylophones Xylophone, Marimba
Strings Guitars Guitar, Trumsheit
Strings Harps Harp, Lyre
Strings Violins Violin, Fiddle
Woodwinds Clarinets Clarinet, Kazoo
Woodwinds Flutes Fife, Flute, Flageolet
Woodwinds Harmonicas Harmonica
Woodwinds Oboes Oboe, Bassoon

Magic Instruments

Some instruments will confer a magical effect when played.

This category currently contains no pages or media.