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Armor is a generic term for anything that can be equipped with the WEAR command in a location other than the HELD position. Most armor provides Armored Defence. Armor may provide other bonuses as well. Armor refers to anything worn, including clothing, jewelry, hats, and stones floating over your head. For limb replacements, see Limbs

Armor Wear Locations

Armor can cover a single wear location or multiple wear locations.

Location Description Common worn items
Head This generally refers to a cap, helmet or crown-type of item worn over the back of the skull, top of the head, or forehead. Cap, Crown, Helmet, Halo
Eyes This refers to anything worn in front of the eyes, and is assumed to be translucent/transparent. Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Monacles, Brow piercings
Ears This generally refers to items worn on the earlobes. Earrings, Ear muffs, Headphones, Ear plugs
Nose This generally refers to jewelry worn on the nose. Nose Piercings
Mouth This generally refers to items held by the mouth, tongue or lips. Lip rings, Tongue Rings, Cigarettes, Pipes, Gags
Neck Items worn about the neck. Necklaces, Gorgets, Collars
Arms This location encompasses both upper arms and shoulders. There is one ARMS location per pair of arms. Armbands, Spaulders, Sleeves
Wrists There is one WRIST location per ARM that a MOB has (Left Wrist, Right Wrist, Left Wrist, Right Wrist, etc for multi-armed mobs). This covers items worn on the lower arm up to the base of the hand. Bracelets, watches, bangles and bracers.
Hands There is one HANDS location per PAIR of Arms. Gloves, Hand jewelry
Finger There is one finger per ARM that a MOB has that can wear magical jewelry. Rings
Held This location is assumed to be your off-hand, and is always the first hand you lose if amputated (doesn't matter if it is left or right hand). Wood, waterskin, torch, bags, lanterns, or anything else that can be carried but not normally worn.
Torso The chest or underbelly of the creature. shirts, bras, and other similar garments.
Back The back of the torso. Backpacks and capes.
Body This wear location includes large bulky garments that cover most of the body. cloak, poncho, bandolier, sleeping bag or other large garment.
Waist This location is generally used for belts and girdles. Belt, Girdle, Loincloth
Legs There is one LEGS location per PAIR of legs. The Legs location includes the lower abdomen and must be uncovered in order to conceive birth during mating. This location covers items worn between the waist and the knee. Pants, Skirts, Leggings, Peg Legs
Feet There is one FEET location per pair of legs. This location covers everything worn below the knee, so includes shin-guards and greaves. Greaves, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Horseshoes
Floating Nearby This location is reserved for items that hover near the character Iouon Stones

Some armors can also contain items of particular types. For example, a belt may allow a character to sheath weapons in it. Bracers and boots sometimes allow dagger-class weapons to be stored in them.

Items can cover a single wear location or multiple wear locations.

Armor Layers

Armors have a layer value, with 0 equating to normally worn outerwear (shits/pants/shoes). If an armor's layer is more than 1 point higher than what you are currently wearing, then you may wear it OVER your current item, but may only receive the effects from the top layer. For example, if you are wearing a shirt at layer 0 that provides 5 armor and the light spell, if you put a layer 2 jacket on that provides 6 armor (and no other affect), your armored defence would improve by 1, and you would lose the light affect until you took off the jacket.

  • Persistence of magical affects while wearing multiple layers depends on how the item was made.
    • Items made with the Magic Item Spell will persist through multiple layers
    • Some world items will not persist through multiple layers.
  • Armors can have negative layers.

Adding Wiki Armor Entries

This page is for listing all armors in CoffeeMUD. There are several guidelines for placing items on the wiki:

  • Omit any leading articles for describing the item, such as "A", "AN" or "THE". This will help facilitate searches so that not all items end up in the A or T indexes.
  • Please do not list the MOB or ROOM where the item can be found. Listing the AREA is fine, so that players can explore areas for themselves to find the items.
  • Similarly, for learning recipes, only provide the skill type and the resultant level.
  • For all items that fit the armor category, use the Armor Template to create the item.
    • There are instructions on how to use the template within the body of the template. Do not modify the template itself.
    • Add this category to the bottom of the page, as well as an ARMOR(WearLocation), ARMOR(Level#) and ARMOR(MaterialType) category for future categorization pages.


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