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Your alignment represents your moral fiber, with Good representing selfless benevolence, Evil representing selfish maliciousness, and Neutral representing the balance of the two.




Alignment Table

Alignment Display Score
Good Pure Good 7501 to 10000
Good Good 4501 to 7500
Neutral Somewhat Good 1501 to 4500
Neutral Pure Neutral -1499 to 1500
Neutral Somewhat Evil -4499 to -1500
Evil Evil -7499 to -4500
Evil Pure Evil -10000 to -7500

Impacts of Alignment

In combat, the amount of experience you receive from the vanquishing of a foe depends partially on your alignment versus that of the creature you have killed. In general, if you are Good and you kill a Good creature, or Evil and kill an Evil creature, or Neutral and kill a Neutral creature, you receive least experience. The amount of experience can vary depending upon how close to perfect Goodness, perfect Evil, or pure Neutrality you are. In addition to receiving the least amount of experience for violating this rule, you will find your characters alignment slowly changing with each repeat offense.

For some classes, alignment can have other affects. Paladins must always be good, and will find that their spellcasting ability disappears with their goodness. Clerics may be good or evil, but their spell choices can profoundly impact their alignment. A Good Cleric or Paladin who casts malicious spells will soon find themselves becoming evil. Evil Clerics can suffer the same fate for using benevolent spells.




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