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Examples: clandeclare otherclan ally

clandeclare "my clan" myenemy war

Description: Allows the boss to declare a new relationship with another clan. A relationship can be one of: NEUTRAL, WAR, HOSTILE, FRIENDLY, ALLY. Generally, a relationship only matters if the target clan also declares a similar relationship. Each relationship has consequences, however, which are:
  • NEUTRAL: Clans that are neutral to each other follow all ordinary rules. Protective clan magic applies normally. Normal PVP rules apply. Members of neutral clans are, with respect to each other, as if their clan membership doesn't matter.
  • HOSTILE: Clans that are hostile to each other are permitted to try to take away areas that are controlled by other clans.
  • FRIENDLY: Clans that are friendly to each other are exempted from the effects of certain clan-property protective magic, as if they are an applicant of that clan.
  • WAR: Members of clans in a state of war with each other will automatically be able to playerkill each other in accordance with the muds general player-killing guidelines, while also sharing the consequences of being HOSTILE.
  • ALLY: Members of clans in alliance with each other will automatically be at war with any clans that either of the allied clans are also in a state of war with. They also share all the benefits of being FRIENDLY with each other.