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Domain: Gathering
Available: Abjurer(2) Alterer(2) Arcanist(2) Artisan(1) Assassin(2) Barbarian(2) Bard(2) Beastmaster(2) Burglar(2) Charlatan(2) Cleric(2) Conjurer(2) Delver(2) Diviner(2) Doomsayer(2) Druid(2) Enchanter(2) Evoker(2) Fighter(2) Gaian(2) Gaoler(2) Healer(2) Illusionist(2) Jester(2) Mage(2) Mer(2) Minstrel(2) Missionary(2) Monk(2) Necromancer(2) Ninja(2) Oracle(2) Paladin(2) Pirate(2) Dancer(2) Purist(2) Ranger(2) Sailor(2) Scholar(2) Shaman(2) SkyWatcher(2) Templar(2) Thief(2) Transmuter(2) Trapper(2) Wizard(2)
Allows: Master Butchering Quick Working Quick Worker Tanning Meat Curing Chirurgy Scrimshawing
UseCost: Movement (5)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: butcher body

butcher bundle 10 bones

Description: With this common skill, a dead body can be cut up and its useful parts separated. You can also bundle multiple resources together using this skill. The GET command can be used to unbundle such resources.


Butchering provides meats for Cooking, bones for Scrimshawing, leather and scales for Leatherworking, hides for Tailoring and other body parts which may be useful for other purposes. However, once a body is butchered, it is destroyed.