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CoffeeMud Version 5.8.1

Release on Mar 14, 2014

  1. **** Database Schema Changes Were Made **** Make sure you follow the Installation Guide to upgrade your database.
  2. QuestManager "STEP"ping feature now supports "STEP AUTO" to have steps proceed based on duration instead of MOBPROG triggers.
  3. Areas and Rooms now support "atmosphere" to designate what players have available for breathing.
  4. Rooms "climate" is now an editable feature, usually inherited from the area Climate, but modifiable at will.
  5. Races now designate what sort of resource they can breathe, which means GenRaces have a new field you can edit.
  6. New Archon command: JCONSOLE, for playing around with javascript commands (and accessing your muds running systems!!)
  7. New Forum features: All Forums Search, and better threading for all searches.
  8. Can now disable CharStats (attribute) display
  9. New WebMacros: IsDisabled, CatalogCatNext
  10. New Artisan skills: Master Drilling, M. Farming, M. Fishing, M. Foraging, M. Mining, M. Shearing, M. Chopping, M. Butchering
  11. More New Artisan Skills: Master Cooking, M. FoodPrep, M. Baking, M. Distilling -- make more than one dish at a time!
  12. Split command will now double as GET [AMOUNT] from [BUNDLE] (kept getting requests to add a split command, though GET worked).
  13. And yet more Artisan Goodness: Animal Husbandry -- lots of race baby naming and aging-system tweaking behind this simple funness.
  14. Crafting Skill owners can now LIST ALL to see what recipes are coming down the road.
  15. Catalog items and mobs can now be flagged in categories (does not change the global unique name rule).
  16. Catalog items and mobs can now be accessed via the VFS at /resources/catalog/mobs/.. and /resources/catalog/items/.. as CMARE files.
  17. Some new multiclassing system options: NO-BASE, NO-SUBONLY, NO-[X], and NO-GRP-[X] -- see the coffeemud.ini
  18. SHELL command now (finally) supports diff (thanks google code!).
  19. Similar to #15, the entire world map, w/ cmare files, is in VFS at /resources/map/... along with editable properties files.
  20. (Tech) numerous gun and shield types created -- most of them templates for a murder-motel-type game
  21. PRIVATE setting in coffeemud.ini expanded to allow moving players and area objects between hosts.
  22. You can now YELL in a direction, which expands by 1 the number of rooms you are heard in, and which way.
  23. IMPORT now accepts zip files containing *.cmare files.
  24. Say command: if a player speaks same language as person being addressed is speaking, they will try to speak it.
  25. Also, untargeted speaking, when only one other person is in the room, will assume to be addressing them. New DISABLE=AUTOLANGUAGE
  26. (Tech) New TriCorder item (portable computer). Also, internally, class names and locations are shifting as tech takes shape.
  27. New GENERATEable area target in /resources/randreas/example.xml: random_dungeon (rand level, theme, aggro, size, etc)
  28. For those using account system, can now register for an account from ANY page in the forum system (really an oversight)
  29. New GENERATEable themes in /resources/randreas/example.xml: town, orcs, trolls, and goblins. Also, lots of work done to fill it all out.
  30. New DISABLE flags: IMC2, I3 -- alternative means to turn them off. At runtime, it puts those systems into idle.
  31. Another DISABLE flag: NEWCHARACTERS -- used for account-based muds to turn off (or not) char creation when NEWPLAYERS (accts) are.
  32. Disguise now checks badnameslist
  33. IndoorWaterSurface now generates IndoorUnderWaterGrid - would normally shy from this as a backward compatibility issue, but its an oversight.
  34. New locales: IndoorUnderWaterGrid, IndoorUnderWaterThinGrid, and IndoorWaterThinSurface classes
  35. Can now export/import entire accounts
  36. Quests will now save/restore their suspended status.
  37. Characters logged out for over 1 mud year will not have their age advance more than 1 year. See SLOW_AGEING DISABLE flag to revert to previous alg.
  38. Archons can now use MODIFY command to set one/all skill proficiencies to a set value.
  39. Prop_Doppleganger has new parms to help you fine-tune who the mob considers for part of duplication.
  40. Emote now has the ability to add special codes to alter how your emote is seen in context.