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CoffeeMud Version

Released on Jun 21, 2003 4:33 pm

  1. Herbs resource added, and made beneficial to Cooking skill
  2. Couple bugs fixed involving the contraction of a cold.
  3. Other assorted bug fixes as always...
  4. New Common Skills: Herbology, Herbalism, Plant Lore
  5. Scores of new Druid chants! There are now more chants than prayers!
  6. Prompt color removed from colors list -- coloring of prompts made easier.
  7. Mana calculation changed again to give credit for levels taken in diff qualifying classes.
  8. New Properties to restrict/reward riding of Rideables
  9. Races now designate body parts for benefit of other code.
  10. 3 new Druid subclasses added.
  11. MOB Followers are now saved to database
  12. Archons now exempt from INstantDeath
  13. Key Ring container type created
  14. New Property "Prop_RoomView" for looking to other rooms easily
  15. (ys) joins (es) and (s) as special english text codes
  16. Damage now displayable as a number -- INI file entry supports this now
  17. Search Common skill created -- allows 3 seconds of detect hidden in same room
  18. Search Thief skill REPLACED! Replacing it is Thief Detection skill
  19. New Behavior: ProtectedCitizen for screaming city folk
  20. Mobile behavior now supports Locale parameters for setting roaming limits!
  21. Clan support (beta) added, along with Builder's guide entry, and StdClanMaster mob
  22. MPAT Script command now works properly
  23. Email address for players now saved
  24. Channels, TELL, REPLY, and GTELL commands now all subject to effects of language, and spells which affect language (Song of Babble, and spells of comprehension)