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CoffeeMud Version

Released on Jun 6, 2003 3:11 pm

  1. LIST USERS sorting ability now smarter for level/age
  2. Social bug fixed
  3.  ;; bug fixed
  4. Traps help entries added
  5. Disease help entries added
  6. Mana requirements chart stretched a little more for all abilities
  7. New Behavior: ResourceOverride allows custom resources for ANY room!
  8. LOTS of changes to the ARREST Behavior. New LAWS.ini entries. Cityguards will now TAKE a person to jail, as well as release them from jail by taking them to a specified place. Also, more than one jail room may be specified!
  9. LAWS.INI file now fully documented
  10. New Common Skill Marketeering (Merchant) allows players to put their goods up for sale at any price.
  11. BUY, SELL, VALUE, LIST, VIEW, DEPOSIT, WITHDRAW now actually work as documented as far as parameters go. LIST will now list all other shopkeepers in the room, not including oneself.
  12. ActiveTicker bug fixed (thanks Jeremy)
  13. Base Druid class tinkered with a bit in preparation for new stuff coming next week.