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=CoffeeMUD Administrator Information=
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CoffeeMud Version

Released on Sat Apr 19, 2003 11:39 am

  1. Bugs fixed in the new Grid sizing stuff
  2. New Behavior: RaceHelper -- does exactly what ClanHelper USED to do (allow mobs to assist others of the same race)
  3. Changed Behavior: ClanHelper -- will no longer assist based on race, but on Clan allegance now. Can also be used to make mobs member of Clans.
  4. Tattoos now a part of the zapperCheck
  5. Flying is now difficult in storms
  6. Announce sysop command added
  7. Prop_SparringRoom added for deathless fighting by players
  8. MOBs with Mobile behavior now properly disperse in a grid
  9. Painting common skill added
  10. Jeweller shopkeeper fixed.
  11. New shopkeeper types added (mostly resource based)!
  12. Spell-domains can now be used in QUALIFY command
  13. Scrapping skill added
  14. Prop_SpellReflecting added for making spell-reflecting mobs and items
  15. Arches can now be made by the mason
  16. Weather can now cause minute rust on metal armor/weapons
  17. New Diseases added, MANY more to come!
  18. New Behavior: FaithHelper to have mobs help each other of the same faith. can also be used to give a mob Faith.
  19. Prop_Trashcan -- nuff said
  20. Linefeed bug fixed for telnet users of the mud
  21. New Chants: Alter Time, and Move Sky (changes day<->night)
  22. New Behavior: WaterCurrents
  23. New Behavior: InstantDeath
  24. New Fighter Skill: Opponent Knowledge
  25. WHISPER command added
  26. Listen thief skill updated to allow hearing speech in an adjacent room, or whispering in the same room.
  27. Yell now affects adjacent rooms
  28. New Skill: Haggle
  29. New Common Skill: Taxidermy
  30. GapExit created for crevasses narrow enough to jump
  31. BUG FIX: Aggressive zapperChecks were backwards... fixed now
  32. Prop_WeakBridge created for exits/rooms
  33. Prop_NarrowLedge created for exits/rooms
  34. Archon Staff and Wand of the Archons now alleviates hunger/thirst