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===CoffeeMUD Bard Classes===
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Bards are influential and well-travelled explorers, entertainers and statesmen. The diversity of bards range from the swindling Charlatan, to more productive entertainers, and beyond. Bard classes use wit, charm and influence to their fullest, encouraging others to arms to supplement their relatively weak personal combat abilities. A Bard's role in society is to influence, to guide, and sometimes to lead.

Most Bard subclasses earn bonus experience for discovering areas, exploring 50% of an area, exploring 90% of an area, and for locating pubs (places that sell alcohol).

Prime Abilities

Charisma is the primary stat for all bard classes. Bard subclasses will have a secondary prime ability (with both prime abilities being lower than a pure bard's prime ability.)


  • Bard - This is the typical wanderer and teller of tales. Bards are below-average in combat, relying upon their merry-band of adventurers, hirelings and pets to see them through combat. The skills of the bards often provide enhancements to all members of their party, or disadvantages to their enemies.
  • Charlatan - This bard subclass specializes in subterfuge. They gain random abilities from any class, and at higher levels, can imitate anyone else in the world, making them especially valuable spies.
  • Dancer - The dancer uses her fluid dancing to motivate her party in combat.
  • Jester - Jesters are very peculiar and silly individuals who entertain through performances of humorous acts. Beware: Their clumsiness is often an act itself, and the Jester can amazing do quite well in combat.
  • Minstrel - The minstrel uses a variety of instruments instead of his feet or voice to motivate his allies and demotivate his enemies. A band of minstrels can provide tremendous benefits, and are often companions to great artisans.