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Attribute achievements are awarded for having a base STAT above or below a specified value.

Achievement STAT Score Title
Super Strength STRENGTH >24 *, the Powerful
No Strength STRENGTH <4 *, the Weakling
Super Wisdom WISDOM >24 *, the Wise
No Wisdom WISDOM <4 *, the Naive
Super Intelligence INTELLIGENCE >24 *, the Brilliant
No Strength INTELLIGENCE <4 *, the Moron
Super Dexterity DEXTERITY >24 *, the Quick
No Dexterity DEXTERITY <4 *, the Pokey
Super Charisma CHARISMA >24 *, the Charmer
No Charisma CHARISMA <4 *, the Jerk
Super Constitution CONSTITUTION >24 *, the Healthy
No Constitution CONSTITUTION <4 *, the Sickly