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==CoffeeMUD Classes==
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===CoffeeMUD Thief Classes===
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Description: Assassins

reflect the darkest and most wicked side of the rogue. The dealing of death becomes a goal in itself, the epitomy of evil. The assassin becomes so centered on this art that he begins to slow his pace, learning and contemplating each "mark" as the best method of killing them becomes clear. They also learn skills in keeping track of and tracking down their marks, as well as other means of making life for the targeted miserable, and short. The assassin can use any weapons, unlike the standard thief, though his armor is still restricted.

Primary Stat: Dexterity
Qualifications: Dexterity 5+,

Wisdom 5+

Practices: 5 +(Wisdom/6)+1 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the Wisdom/X+Y number.
Trains: 3 +1 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the number preceding the "per level".
Hit Points: 20 +(Con/3)+(1d10) per lvl.
Mana: 100 +(Int/6)+(1d3) /lvl.
Movement: 100 +10X(Str/18) per lvl.
Attack: +(Dex/18) per


Damage: +1 damage per 5 level(s).
Maximum Stat Values: Dexterity (22), Wisdom (22), Others (18)
Bonuses: Strong resistance to all poisons at 21st level.
Weapons: Must use swords, daggers, natural, or ranged


Armor: Must wear leather, cloth, or vegetation based armor.
Starting Equipment: a short sword
Races: Centaur Drow Duergar Dwarf Elf

Gnome Goblin Half Elf Halfling Human Ogre

Level Class Skills (Skills in parenthesis must be trained for at a trainer or by another player.)
1 Mark Edged Weapon Specialization Ranged Weapon Specialization Climb Write (Apothecary) (Swim) (Sword Specialization) (Bandaging) (Smoke Rings) Recall (Foraging) (Gem Digging) (Drilling) (Fishing)

(Herbology) (Hunting) (Shearing)

2 (Kick) (Dagger Specialization) (Hide)

(Lacquering) (Embroidering) (Dyeing) (Butchering) (Engraving) (Cooking) (Wood Chopping)

3 (Kill Log) (Sneak Attack) Fire Building (Blacksmithing) (Clan Crafting) (Tailoring)

(Leather Working) (Carpentry)

4 (Identify Poison) (Sneak) (Searching) (Mining)

(Weaving) (Pottery) (Costuming) (Sculpting) (Distilling)

5 Dirt (Wands)

(Detect Traps) (Painting) (Food Prep) (Baking) (Armorsmithing) (Cobbling) (Weaponsmithing) (Glass Blowing) (Fletching) (Scrimshawing) (Paper Making)

6 (Dodge) (Pick Locks)

Dagger Defense

7 Invisibility to Mark (Hand to hand combat)
8 (Disarm)


9 Parry (Flailing Weapon Specialization)
10 (Spying) (Back Stab)

(Wainwrighting) (Masonry) (Jewel Making) (Construction) (Siegecraft) (Ship Building) (Locksmithing) (Speculating) (Farming) (Smelting) (Taxidermy)

11 (Critical Strike) Trip
12 (Use Poison) (Two Weapon Fighting) (Blunt Weapon Specialization)
13 Analyze Mark


14 (Shadowpass) (Assassinate)
15 (Axe Specialization) (True Shot)

Second Attack (Irrigation) (Landscaping) (Excavation)

16 (Cut Throat) (Dual Parry)

Half Attack

17 Critical Shot (Hammer Specialization)
18 Scratch (Peek)


19 (Polearm Specialization) (Two Dagger Fighting) High Marks
20 (Lay Traps)


21 (Marker Spying) (Tap Room)
22 (Flank) (Ambush)
23 Frame Mark (Cleave)
24 (Evesdrop) (Tumble)
25 (Deep Cut) (Espionage)
30 Shadowstrike

Multi-Classing Options and Effectiveness