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==CoffeeMUD Classes==
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===CoffeeMUD Commoner Classes===
Apprentice        Artisan        Gaoler        Sailor        Scholar       
Description: An Artisan is a professional tradesman who specializes in the common skills that make civilization work. Artisans who focus their skills in particular trees will see their apparent class name reflect this due to Artisanal Focus. The Artisan will never be a great fighter, which makes him a poor choice for exploring those monster filled dungeons. However, the Artisan is still able to advance by using his skills and gaining experience while he does! Artisans, like Apprentices, may still choose to go into a more adventurous profession, but like Apprentices, they are unable to go back.
Primary Stat: Wisdom
Qualifications: Strength 9+, Dexterity 9+
Practices: 5 +[(Wisdom/6)+2 per lvl]. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the Wisdom/X+Y number.
Trains: 3 +1 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the number preceding the "per level".
Hit Points: 20 +[(Con/6)+(1d5) /lvl].
Mana: 100 +[(Int/10)+(1d2)/lvl].
Movement: 100 +[5X(Str/18) /lvl].
Attack: +(Wis/18)-1 per level.
Damage: +1 damage per 30 level(s).
Maximum Stat Values: Strength (22), Intelligence (22), Dexterity (22), Constitution (22), Charisma (22), Wisdom (22), Others (18)
Bonuses: Gains experience when using common skills and no common skill limits.
Weapons: Must use dagger-like or natural weapons.
Armor: Must wear cloth, vegetation, or paper based armor.
Starting Equipment: a small dagger
Races: Aarakocran Centaur Drow Duergar Dwarf Elf Githyanki Gnoll Gnome Goblin Half Elf Halfling Human Lizard Man Merfolk Mindflayer Ogre Orc Pixie Svirfneblin
Level Class Skills (Skills in parenthesis must be trained for at a trainer or by another player.)
1 Recall    (Edged Weapon Proficiency)    (Excavation)    (AutoSwim)    (Appraise)    (Find Ship)    (Cobbling)    (Wilderness Lore)    (Sword Proficiency)    (Lacquering)    (Carpentry)    (Wand Making)    (Textiling)    (Embroidering)    (Hammer Familiarity)    (Cage Building)    (Paper Making)    (Gem Digging)    (Dodge)    (Wands)    (Engraving)    (Axe Proficiency)    (Stability)    (Gardening)    (Foraging)    (Farming)    (Ship Building)    (Tanning)    (Branding)    (Baking)    (Sword Familiarity)    (Pottery)    (Bandaging)    (Natural Weapon Proficiency)    (Half Attack)    (Distilling)    (Drilling)    (Haggle)    (Masonry)    (Speculating)    (Marketeering)    (Cooking)    (Strategic Retreat)    (Scrapping)    (Rodsmithing)    (Taxidermy)    (Shearing)    (Wainwrighting)    (Food Preserving)    (Glass Blowing)    (Scrimshawing)    (Boatwrighting)    (Mining)    (Baiting)    (Siegecrafting)    (AutoCrawl)    (Painting)    (Ranged Weapon Proficiency)    (Edged Weapon Familiarity)    (Lore)    (Blunt Weapon Proficiency)    (Decorating)    (Leather Working)    (Warrants)    (Meat Curing)    (Blacksmithing)    (Fish Lore)    (Herbology)    (Construction)    (Plant Lore)    (Wood Chopping)    (Jewel Making)    (Instrument Making)    (Staff Proficiency)    (Hammer Proficiency)    (Ship Lore)    (Costuming)    (HammerRing)    (Play Instrument)    (Locksmithing)    (Weaponsmithing)    (Smelting)    (Searching)    (Weaving)    (Shield Familiarity)    (Cover Defence)    (Landscaping)    (Trip)    (Clan Crafting)    (Parry)    (Axe Familiarity)    (Dyeing)    (Staff Familiarity)    (Smoke Rings)    (Kick)    (Food Prep)    (Butchering)    (Composting)    (Climb)    (Find Home)    (Tailoring)    (Cage)    (Floristry)    (Fletching)    (AutoClimb)    (Write)    (Blunt Weapon Familiarity)    (Swim)    (Sculpting)    (Mounted Combat)    (Trawling)    (Animal Husbandry)    (Irrigation)    (Fishing)    (Staff Making)    (Fire Building)    (Ranged Weapon Familiarity)    (Armorsmithing)    (Hunting)    
7 (Clan Ship Building)    
30 (Master Gardening)    (Master Leather Working)    (Master Armorsmithing)    (Master Food Prep)    (Master Weaponsmithing)    (Master Herbology)    (Master Lacquering)    (Master Costuming)    (Master Baking)    (Master Trawling)    (Master Fishing)    (Master Mining)    (Master Tailoring)    (Master Distilling)    (Master Drilling)    (Master Floristry)    (Master Foraging)    (Master Gem Digging)    (Master Dyeing)    (Master Shearing)    (Master Farming)    (Master Cooking)    (Master Wood Chopping)    (Master Butchering)    

How to Play

Home City

Different cities offer different opportunities, especially for Artisans.

  • Midgaard - This city often has the best player interaction, as it is a common recall location. However, due to its popularity, there is the lowest availability of housing.
  • New Thalos - This city has more housing, isn't too far from Midgaard, and is generally a little more lax on legal issues.
  • Alramus - This is the largest city in the world. They are intrinsically racist towards non-humans, so prices for non-humans will be less favorable. However, they have a very active Commissary, with frequent gathering and crafting quests.
  • Elvenhame - Most inhabitants here speak elvish, and are a little snobbish about it. Due to this, there is often real estate available here.
  • Calinth - This northern frontier city has lots of available housing.
  • Atlantis - Unless you can breath underwater, this city is difficult to work with. Ample home sites available, though.
  • Nidenjord - Great place to avoid the weather. Home sites aren't directly connected to Nidenjord, but don't require too much travel. Darkvision is highly desirable.
  • Orthindar - This great city requires completing tasks to advance within the social structure.

Lesser cities - It is possible to change your recall to other locations, but due to their limited resources, it probably will not be advantageous to an artisan.

Skill Tree Examples

All Skill prereqs require 75% proficiency unless otherwise noted

The Speculator is a gathering-focused Artisan.

===The Speculator===
STRENGTH 9 Gem Digging 75% Speculating
Mining 75%
INTELLIGENCE 9 Drilling 75%
DEXTERITY 9 Fishing 75%
Hunting 75%
CONSTITUTION 9 Wood Chopping 75%
WISDOM 9 Foraging 75%


===The Legendary Weaponsmith===
STRENGTH 9 Mining 75% Smelting 75% Blacksmithing 75% Weaponsmithing 75% Sword Proficiency 100% Sword Familiarity 75% Master Weaponsmithing 75%
(requires level 30)
Legendary Weaponsmithing
(requires level 60)
Fire Building 75%


===The Master Farmer===
WISDOM 9 Foraging 75% Farming 75% Composting 75% Landscaping 75% Master Farming 75%


===The Master Gardener===
WISDOM 9 Foraging 75% Food Preserving 75% Food Prep 100% Herbology 75% Gardening 75% Master Food Prep 75%
(requires level 30)
Master Gardening
(requires level 30)
Farming 75% Composting 75%


===The Cager===
CONSTITUTION 9 Wood Chopping 75% Carpentry 75% Cage Building 75% Animal Husbandry 75% Cage
DEXTERITY 9 Hunting 75%
WISDOM 9 Foraging 75% Shearing 75%
Bandaging 75%

Multi-Classing Options and Effectiveness

Artisans can multiclass into any base class or commoner subclass as long as they meet the racial and stat requirements. However, due to their limited combat abilities, high level Artisans are recommended to multiclassing only as other commoners.


  • Artisans earn most of their experience through crafting items of similar level to the artisan. If the artisan doesn't know any recipes of items their level, they could use the LEARN function of crafting skills to deconstruct items found around the world in an attempt to expand their catalogue of recipes.
  • Artisans may appear as a different class title due to their Artisanal Focus. This affect can be toggled using the ARTFOCUS command.
  • Social Artisans could also earn experience by offering their services to adventurers in exchange for the adventurer's servitude.
  • The QUALIFY command will show a maximum number of learnable crafting and common skills. This field does NOT apply while you are an Artisan, but as soon as you change class out of an Artisan, this will be the limits of new skills of that type that you may learn.
  • Legendary Weaponsmithing is available at level 60, and exclusive to artisans.
  • Many recipes will have multiple words in the recipe name. It is always best to put quotes around the "item name" when issuing your crafting or building commands.