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=CoffeeMUD Areas=
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The Recommended Levels column indicates the minimum suggested level of character for actively earning experience via combat in this area, while the maximum level suggests the overall character level at which point killing mobs is no longer an efficient use of time. There may still be some mobs, quests, or side goals worthy of higher level characters in the area.

The Recommended Alignment column indicates which alignment the player should be to maintain their alignment for MOST kills in the area. Some mobs may be of the same alignment as the character.

The Special Features column helps identify areas that may meet special class needs.

Label Definition Significance
CITY The area is predominantly streets and buildings. Probably not a great area for druids, but probably a good target for thieves.
INDOORS The area is primarily within some building or set of buildings. Not ideal for most druids.
PLAYERKILL The area requires or enforces playerkilling. You may be faced against some of the most powerful opponents in the MUD, each other!
RANDOM The area changes frequently. The location type will be determined each time you enter the instanced area.
UNDEAD The area has a significant amount of undead population. Probably not a great area for bards, but great for Paladins, Good Clerics, and Necromancers looking to build their army.
UNDERGROUND The area is mostly in caves. Probably a great area for Delvers, but not other druids. Bring a light!
UNDERWATER The area is mostly underwater. Probably requires waterbreathing and swimming abilities.
WATERY The area has significant amount of water rooms. Boats or Swim skill are probably required for this area. Probably great for Pirates, Mer and Sailors.
WILDERNESS The area has significant amounts of outdoor rooms. Probably a great area for druids and gatherers.

Note: Areas without a current wiki page are still potentially viable areas, but haven't received finishing touches to ensure game balance.

Table of Recommended Areas By Level

Area Locale Recommended Levels Recommended Alignment Special Features Notes
Aarakocran City 15-23
Abandoned Factory Alramian 06-09 GOOD characters INDOORS
Aberrus Extraplanar 02-09, 26-29, 37-41, 63-67, 85-91 GOOD characters
Aelian Spire Theran 73-80 ALL characters INDOORS
Alafagh Domhan Bol 22-27 ALL characters WATERY UNDERGROUND
Alkinhold Alramian 18-25 EVIL characters
Alramus Alramian 01-20 ALL characters CITY Very large capitol city
Alramus Cemetery UNDEAD UNDEAD come out at night!
Animaland Ven'rasyl 18-25
Arcadia Ven'rasyl 76-86
Aris Theran 73-77 ALL characters
Armageddon Dark Continentian 70-91 GOOD characters
Atarukk Domhan Bol 31-40 GOOD characters UNDERGROUND
Atlantis Alramian 18-24 EVIL characters CITY UNDERWATER
Balduvian Trading Post
Blade Dancers Inn
Burrowroads Domhan Bol Any (01-91) ALL characters UNDERGROUND Primarily a travel zone
Calinth Docks
Cannabis Holiday Event ANY ALL characters WILDERNESS Instanced area that adjusts to player's level. Only available on 4/20.
Castle of Giants
Cavern of Churuug Domhan Bol 87+ GOOD characters UNDERGROUND
Chaos Area
Chapel Theran 20-25 GOOD characters UNDEAD Some of the lower level mobs would be good for EVIL characters
Chessboard of Midgaard Theran 12-18 ANY INDOORS Grouping recommended
Ciquala`s Lair
Cloudy Mountain
Coliseum of Midgaard Theran 07-24 ALL characters
Cora Isle Alramian 01-5 ALL characters This is the start zone for Aarakocran, Centaurs, Lizardmen, Merfolk and Pixies.
Coven 25-34
Crypts Of Castle Azgul Tyrithel 61-70 ALL characters
Crystal Castle Tyrithel 81-90 ALL characters
Darathorn`s Pit 45-51
Dark Continent
Dark Side Castle
Day Care Theran 01-05 ALL characters INDOORS
Deepthunder Tunnels Domhan Bol Any (01-91) ALL characters UNDERGROUND Primarily a travel zone
Divided Souls
Dragon Sea WATERY
Dragon Spyre
Dragon Tower
Dragon`s Teeth
Dragons Den Tyrithel 51-60 ALL characters UNDERGROUND
Drakyri Isle
Drow City Domhan Bol 20-25 GOOD characters CITY UNDERGROUND Bring a light!
Durgas River WATERY
Dwarven Kingdom
Dying Forest
Dylan`s Area
East Alramus Alramian Any (01-91) ALL characters Primarily a travel zone
Eastern Road
Edificant Library
Elemental Canyon 15-24
Elvandar Ven'rasyl 24-31
Elvenhame Ven'rasyl CITY
Emerald Forest
Ershteep City
Faerie Ring
Fields of Anon
Firetop Mountain Ven'rasyl 14-20
Forest of Mystery Alramian 01-30 ALL characters WILDERNESS Instanced forested area that adjusts level based upon entry
Fun House
Gambling Hall Alramian ALL characters INDOORS Stay for a game or two!
Gangland Theran 12-15 ALL characters CITY
Ghost Town UNDEAD
Gilligan`s Island
Gnome Village Theran 05-10 ALL characters Gnomes are good, Undead and Hobgoblins are evil
Goblin Nation
Goblin Stronghold
Gorduul Domhan Bol 39-51 GOOD characters UNDERGROUND
Graghtok`s Lair 85-95
Graveyard Theran 03-05 GOOD characters UNDEAD This area has a strong undead presence
Great Ocean WATERY
Greater Gerighelm
Haon Dor Theran 02-06 ALL characters WILDERNESS
Happy Hunting Grounds
Hatchling Cove Theran 06-09 EVIL characters WILDERNESS
Hatour Domhan Bol 05-11 GOOD characters UNDERGROUND
Haven Lake Theran WATERY
High Tower
Holy Grove
Illysia`s Cottage Alramian Any (01-91) ALL characters INDOORS Has a recovery quest for any level.
In the Air
Instance of Mystery Theran Any (01-91) ALL characters RANDOM Random Instanced Area that adjusts level based upon entry
Ishtar River WATERY
Island Of Illusion
Itantan Sea WATERY
Jhuidan Theran 91 ALL characters
Kalan Yatuin Domhan Bol 51-57 GOOD characters UNDERGROUND
Kang Village 09-16
Kendermore Theran 03-07 ALL characters
King`s Castle Ven'rasyl
Kjeldoran Outpost 24-31
Kregg Domhan Bol 51-55 GOOD characters UNDERGROUND
Lair of Jher 42-63
Lenny`s House
Lich Tower 48-56
Lily Pad Pond Tyrithel 01-10 ALL characters WILDERNESS
Little Haven
Lower Sewers
Lowrun Domhan Bol Any (01-91) ALL characters UNDERGROUND Primarily a travel zone
Machine Dreams
Magthere Wa`q Alramian 01-5 ALL characters This is the start zone for Drow, Duergar, Githyanki, Mindflayers and Svirfneblin.
Mahn-Tor Thalosian 20-25 ALL characters Climbing ability or gear is suggested.
Marsh 12-21
Mausoleum Theran 33-37 GOOD characters UNDEAD
Medley Orchard Tyrithel 06-14 ALL characters WILDERNESS Catch a coach from Midgaard!
Miden`nir Theran 06-09 GOOD characters WILDERNESS
Miden`nir Plains Theran Any (01-91) ALL characters WILDERNESS Primarily a travel zone
Midgaard Theran 03-17 EVIL characters CITY Basic starter city with lots of adventuring options.
Midgaard River Theran 07-14 ALL characters WATERY
Mirkwood Ven'rasyl
Mirror of Realm
Misty Redwoods Tyrithel 15-40 ALL characters WILDERNESS Great questing area with gradual rise in difficulty.
Mob Factory Theran 04-08 ALL characters INDOORS
Moors of Doom 80-90
Moria Theran 06-10 GOOD characters UNDERGROUND
Mount Doom
Mount Kendas
Mud School Alramian 01-06 ALL characters Starter zone with helpful signs about how to play CoffeeMUD.
Myarin Tunnels Domhan Bol Any (01-91) ALL characters UNDERGROUND Primarily a travel zone
New Calinth
New Ofcol
New Thalos Thalosian 05-30 ALL characters CITY Capitol city with lots of vendors.
Nidenjord Domhan Bol 01-14 ALL characters CITY UNDERGROUND Capitol city of Domhan Bol
Nightmist Castle Ven'rasyl 57-62 All characters UNDEAD
Northern Alramian Plains
Northern Iceland 28-38
Northern Ocean WATERY
Northern Road
Ofcol CITY
Old Thalos
Old Troya Dark Continent 35-40 EVIL characters CITY/WILDERNESS
Old Troya Bay Dark Continent 33-38 ALL characters WATERY Ship-to-Ship combat
Olympia 92-96
Orthindar Tyrithel 30-60 ALL characters CITY A city for the more experienced. Choose your actions wisely, as they will put you into favor with either the elites or the commoners.
Pawmist City CITY
Pinebaugh Territories Alramian Any (01-91) ALL characters WILDERNESS Primarily a travel zone
Pirate Isles
Plains Theran 01-02 ALL characters WILDERNESS
Prairie Groves of Orthindar Tyrithel 47-57 ALL characters WILDERNESS
Prison 11-31
Pyramid 11-24
Quest For the Holy Grail 75-83
Rheiaar Theran 18 NEUTRAL characters WATERY
Ring of Conflict Theran Any (01-91) ALL characters PLAYERKILL Great place for duels!
River of Lost Souls
Sands of Sorrow
Scarred Highlands Theran 48-60 ALL characters WILDERNESS
Sehaire Theran 04-08 EVIL characters CITY
Sengalion Alramian 07-10 ALL characters WILDERNESS
Sengalion Initiates Alramian 15-21 EVIL characters INDOORS
Sengalion Students Alramian 65-73 EVIL characters INDOORS
Sewers Theran 09-14 GOOD characters INDOORS
Shallow Grave Ven'rasyl 33-43 GOOD characters UNDEAD Avoid the crypt except at level 40 or higher.
Shaolin Temple 21-31
Shimmurdis Domhan Bol 11-13 NEUTRAL characters CITY UNDERGROUND
SilverDale Thalosian 10-15 GOOD characters
Sonja MotherGoose Theran 08-14 EVIL characters
Southern Sea WATERY
Stone Keep
Syvenest`s Lair Unknown 91 ALL characters Bring friends!
The Abyss
The Amazon Jungle
The Art Museum
The Bazaar
The Blight
The Circus Theran 03-08 ALL characters
The City of Anon CITY
The Crypt Theran 24-30 ALL characters INDOORS UNDEAD
The Dark Castle
The DearthWood
The Descent to Hell
The Dungeon
The Fire Swamp
The Floating Mountain Tyrithel Any (01-91) ALL characters WILDERNESS Moves location each sunrise. The Summoning Tower lies at its peak.
The Gauntlet Thalosian 40-50, 85-91. ALL characters INDOORS Mini-Gauntlet 40-50, Gauntlet 85-91.
The Hidden Path
The Keep of the Warlock
The Maelstrom Tyrithel 41-50 ALL characters WATERY
The Museum Theran 01-05 ALL characters INDOORS
The Plains of Blood
The Summoning Tower Tyrithel 71-77 GOOD characters INDOORS
The Summoning Tower Apex Tyrithel 77-80 GOOD characters
The Vanishing Tower Thalosian 91 ALL characters INDOORS This challenging area may require grouping.
The Unholy Abbey
The Village of Anon
The Walls of Anon
The Zoo
Thieves` Guild
Thrystryn Transportation Multiple Any (01-91) ALL characters Useful for instant transportation between capitol cities.
Tomefell Ven'rasyl 91 ALL characters
Tower of the Phoenix Alramian 79-91 EVIL characters INDOORS
Troll Den
Tur Tlorrgra Domhan Bol 53-65 GOOD characters UNDERGROUND
Tzbrakas Training Academy Alramian 01-06 ALL characters Part of the starting zone.
Unvil Cave Domhan Bol 15-22 GOOD characters UNDERGROUND
Vale of Clover Theran 15-20 EVIL characters WILDERNESS
Valley of the Elves Ven'rasyl
Valley of the Titans
Vassendar Domhan Bol 18-26 GOOD characters CITY UNDERGROUND
Warlock Tower
WaterWorld Naval Training Academy Any (01-91) ALL characters WATERY Ship-to-Ship combat training area. Seek admittance in Alramus, New Thalos or Midgaard.
Westeron River WATERY
White Lotus
Wine Dark Sea WATERY
Witch Wood Theran 35-40 GOOD characters WILDERNESS
Wyvern`s Tower
Yggdrasil Ven'rasyl 35-42
Zolo`s Store Multiple Any (01-91) ALL characters INDOORS It's the best bookstore around!
Zoo of Death
Zoo of Midgaard