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Description: Alram is the God of Nature and Creativity. Having molded the world from the raw materials of his thought, he is believed by his worshipers to be the King of the Gods.
Cleric Restrictions: Allows only Cleric types.
Follower Restrictions: Anyone
Available Blessings: Bless, Create Food, Cure Light Wounds, Protection Elements, Divine Favor (Clerics only)
Blessing Instructions: The blessings of Alram are placed upon his clerics whenever the cleric does the following: the player should sit down, and the player should eat bread, and the player should emote 'kneels towards the spire in alramus', and the player should say 'bless me and my hands to do the work of alram'.

The blessings of Alram are placed upon his worshippers whenever they do the following: the player should sit down, and the player should eat bread, and the player should say 'bless me alram'.

Service Instructions: The services of Alram are the following: the player should say 'alram bless this service', and wait 40 seconds, and wait 40 seconds, and then you will automatically say 'let us begin', and the player should say 'sing praise to alram and all of creation', and then all others will say 'amen!', and the player should say 'now pray quietly', and wait 40 seconds, and then all will say 'amen!', and the player should say 'you are dismissed'.

About this deity


The lightening bolt – The holy symbol is a carved medallion made of alrous (hematite) and is hung around the neck on a black cord.


The worship of the god Alram is by far the most popular sect in the Alra-Paranian arcana. His followers see his role as vital to the fate of the world due to his place in the concept of prime creation and natural order. This sect is the official religious sect in the Kingdom of Alram and the Republic of Maltan.

The chief goal of the faith is devotion and upliftment of the god Alram and observance of his will as supreme. The rational virtues and those derived from nature are taught as means to a rewarded afterlife. Thriftiness, industriousness, sensibility, and integrity are among the highest virtues. The sect upholds submission to holy authority and patriotism as rational acts.

Followers practice their faith primarily by gathering and kneeling around the temple, praying and sacrificing products of their labor before the temple wall; this act is required at least twice a week, along with offerings of gold and gifts to the church. Weekly, followers also gather and kneel within the temple to meditate and hear “utterings of wisdom” by their priest. The priest will typically speak for an hour everyday at midday, usually on practical or spiritual matters that will improve the people and the city. Otherwise, followers are only required to live virtuously, according to the dictates of nature and human reason to live a good life. Followers are generally expected to be non-chaotic. The priests may also be any non-chaotic alignment.

The priesthoods are generally chosen professions, or those with aptitude taken in by the church. At age 16 they are ordained, and take an oath of devotion to nature and reason. The duties of the priesthood include marriage ceremonies, devotional integrity, and spiritual guidance. Occasionally, the priests will be asked to read the omens nature, determining future weather or crop yields. While the religion is not evangelical, they do see a duty to uphold Alram’s virtues wherever they go. Regarding civil matters, the religion is generally separate from all civil government. The church sees its role as a guide and example, not moral dictator. A corrupt government or person needs most to choose to hear more wisdom, not be corrected by the church.

Known Shrines

Shrines to Alram where clerics may perform services are located in:

  • Alramus, The northern end of the Temple of Alram.