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Domain: Crafting
Available: Abjurer(21) Alterer(21) Arcanist(1) Conjurer(21) Diviner(21) Enchanter(21) Evoker(21) Illusionist(21) Mage(21) Reliquist(21) Shaman(5) Transmuter(21) Wizard(21)
Allows: Rushed Crafting Quick Worker Advanced Crafting Quick Crafting Wise Crafting Improved Alchemy
UseCost: Movement (24)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: brew heal flask

brew list brew list cure brew list 5-10 brew list all

Description: This skill allows the player to brew a potion from one of the spells or prayers the player knows. To do this, the player must have a glass drinking container to make the potion out of. Many potions require ingredients, and all require water or some other liquid base to start from. Also, the player must have mastered the spell or prayer before attempting to brew a potion from it. Lastly, the player will lose some experience for brewing the potion.

How to Use Potions

In order to use a potion, you must have the potion in your inventory (or HELD) and use the DRINK [Potion Name] command.

You may feed a potion to a follower with the FEED [Follower Name] [Potion Name] command.

How to Use Dusts

In order to use a dust or powder, you must first HOLD [Dust Name], and then THROW [Dust Name] [Target Name]. You may specify any MOB name, including your own name.