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Using certain types of abilities can provide the following achievements.

Achievement Count Type Title Reward
Cast 30000 Divination Spells 30000 DIVINATION *, Master of Divination
Cast 30000 Abjuration Spells 30000 ABJURATION *, Master of Abjuration
Cast 30000 Illusion Spells 30000 ILLUSION *, Master of Illusion
Cast 30000 Invocation Spells 30000 INVOCATION/EVOCATION *, Master of Invocation
Cast 30000 Alteration Spells 30000 ALTERATION *, Master of Altereration
Cast 30000 Transmutation Spells 30000 TRANSMUTATION *, Master of Transmutation
Cast 30000 Enchantment Spells 30000 ENCHANTMENT/CHARM *, Master of Enchantment
Cast 30000 Conjuration Spells 30000 CONJURATION *, Master of Conjuration
Cast 100000 Spells 100000 SPELL *, Master Spellcaster
Pray 100000 Times 100000 PRAYER *, Speaker to the Gods
Sing/Play/Dance 1000 Times 1000 SONG *, Master Entertainer
Use 50000 Thief Skills 50000 THIEF SKILL *, Master Thief
Chant 100000 times 100000 CHANT *, Voice of Nature