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Achievements are special flags that players or accounts can attain by accomplishing a specified task in-game. The exact nature of the achievement is highly variable. Some achievements can provide benefits, titles, or other rewards. Other achievements may prove detrimental to a player.

Player Achievements

Player achievements apply only to that particular character on an account.

Slayer Achievements

Slayer achievements are attained when a character completes a set amount of kills of a particular type of MOB, be it of a specified level, race, alignment, name, class or some other parameter or combination of parameters.

World Explorer Achievements

World Explorer achievements are earned when a player explores a certain percentage of a CoffeeMUD world. Explorer achievements can also be created for specific areas, instead of an entire world.

Attribute Achievements

Attribute achievements are awarded for having a base STAT above or below a specified value.

Crafting Achievements

Crafting achievements are awarded for creating items using crafting skills.

Activity Achievements

(for Skill Usage)

Questing Achievements

Class Achievements

Account Achievements

Account achievements apply to all characters on the account, although the rewards may be awarded to the character who earned it, or at some other milestone, depending on the achievement.

Class Achievements

Remort Achievements

When a character of level 61 or higher uses the REMORT command, they gain an achievement based on the classes and levels in those classes that they have at the instance before REMORTing. Remort achievements are numbered to display how many times a character must remort at or above the level requirement to gain that achievement (and the associated benefits). All Remort benefits are cumulative, so a level 90 character with 60 levels of fighter and 30 levels of barbarian would gain a fighter 30 remort achievement, a fighter 60 remort achievement and a barbarian 30 remort achievement. Remorting a subsequent time in the same class would increment the "Past Life" number, so a player will receive the benefits of "Past Life II" on the next REMORT after receiving the Past Life I achievement from a particular class. The bonuses from each of those achievements are also cumulative, so if two achievements each offer a Attack +2 bonus, then all subsequent characters on the account would gain Attack +4. Skills and Expertises are granted for free at the level indicated in the "Rcv Lvl" column. Skills gained this way begin with a 0% starting proficiency.

Note: Bonus skills gained from the REMORT system still count against the maximum crafting, noncrafting, or languages that you can learn.

See the class specific Remort tables for specific bonuses:

Quest Achievements

Other Achievements