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Player Accounts

Player accounts are a collection of individual characters that a single user controls. Each account is limited to 3 simultaneous log-ins (or "Connections") and up to 50 independent characters. When you first log in to CoffeeMud, you will be asked for your account name. If you do not already have an account you will be prompted by the system for creating an account. Once you have logged in to your account, you will see the account menu.

Account Menu

L)ist characters
  • Entering 'L' or 'LIST' will display a list of all characters on your account.
N)ew character
D)elete/Retire character
  • Entering 'D' will enable you to select a character for deletion. You may wish to delete a character to create room for additional characters, or to reuse the name of the character. You may also delete a character in-game with the retire command.
  • Entering 'H', 'HELP' or '?' will provide you with access to the ever-useful account help files.
M)enu OFF
  • Entering 'M' will turn off your account menus, thereby removing excess clutter during log-in. Enter 'M' again to re-enable your account menu.
P)assword change
  • Entering 'P' or 'PASSWORD' will allow you to change your account password.
E)mail change
  • Entering 'E' or 'EMAIL' will allow you to set or change your account email.
Q)uit (logout)
  • Entering 'Q' or 'QUIT' will log you out of the CoffeeMud system.

Account Achievements

CoffeeMud has an ever-growing list of account achievements. These achievements range from simple bragging rights, to special in-game bonuses to existing characters or newly created characters.