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The Magna Velum's Comprehensive Guide to the Abjurer Class recommends the following spells and abilities for Abjurers:

Skills, spells and why

We're going to list here the most valuable spells to acompany you on the path to level 91, but first it is important to note a small key world we'll be using here: buff window. This refers to a period when you can recast your buff spells without wasting leveling time. Be it when you're about to enter an instance, or after you cleared one.

Essential Abjuring spells

Mage Armor: Level 4 spell. This is your bread and butter defense spell. This creates a powerful armor to cover your torso, so make sure you have nothing equiped there, or you'll waste mana. Untill level 10 it can take about 5 minutes to vanish, so take car to renew it as often as you need. After that, casting it during your buff window should be enough.

Resist Bludgeoning: Level 5 spell. This one wont be very useful untill you're a level 23, so no hurries to get it earlier. It creates a barrier with a good chance to deflect bludgeoning damage. You may combine that one with resist piercing and resist slash for a more solid defense. You may want to cast this kind of resistances during your buff window.

Charm Ward: Level 5 spell. Another one for level 23. This helps you against the rare mobs that can cast charm on you and well, you don't want to have your time stolen, do you? Cast this on your buff window.

Counterspell: Level 9 spell. Again, save that to use at level 23. This will try to protect you from the next malicious spell cast towards yourself.

Resist Piercing: Level 11 spell. Remember this little fellow we mentioned above? Save it for using at level 23 along the other resistances. Cast on your buff window.

Free Movement: Level 16 spell. Another good one for level 23. This one will protect you from skills and spells that can prevent you from moving

Resist Slash: Level 19 spell. Part of the resist combo. Save it for level 23 and cast on your buff window.

Greater Globe: Level 22 spell. You'll start to use this one also at level 23. It rends you immune to prayers and spells below level 15, and for this reason you don't need to get the weaker version called globe, since you'll be using that to help you against heavily populated instances.

Mind Block: Level 23 spell. Add this one to your buff window to protect you from enchantments and illusions.

Major Mana Shield: Level 25 spell. Well, this one is tricky. Every damage you take, even if completely absorbed by your defensive spells would be taken from your mana even before it reaches your hp. This is good when you know a very hard encounter is to come, but definitely not good for casual fights. The weaker versions of this spell are also not necessary for you to get safely untill level 25.

Useful Abjuring spells

Repairing Aura: Level 1 spell. This spell helps repairing your items and equipment and can be used for different situations. If you want to cast it on another character, it will pick an item at random and start repairing it. If you cast it on yourself, you can select an equiped item or one from your inventory, or just use your name as the target and it will pick one equiped item at random.

Resist Paralisys: Level 12 spell. Some mobs can inflict paralisys on you, specially blobs. When paralysed you wont be able to move, attack or cast spells, so if you plan to face them, add this one to your buff window.

Repulsion: Level 20 spell. This skill is very helpfull as it will make every enemy in a range of 3 or less to be unable to come any closer. The target can and will break the spell eventually either for him having a high value in strength or for the timing running out. The reason this spell does not replace web is because it counts as an aggression, so even if it fails everything in the room will come towards you.

Immunity: Level 21 spell. This spell grants you immunity to an element at random. Although not necessary, you can try and combo it with Achilles armor if you're feeling lucky to try and see if you'll be immuny to every damage. But don't get greedy, honestly. Even if you do get immunity to everything, the chances are very low and, an adult dragon will be able to eat you alive, literaly.

Spell Turning: Level 25 spell. Although not strictly necessary, this spell can save your life from time to time. It attempts to send one harmful spell back to the original caster once per turn.

Achilles Armor: Level 30 spell. Dice anyone? This spell grants you immunity to every kind of damage, wow! All, except one. And guess what? Not even the caster is aware of what is this single thing able to end this mighty adventuring life. So imagine yourself hitting like a truck untill someone come and pokes you with a stick for a fatal blow. It can definitely be a fun spell to gamble with, but very risky.

Essencial In/Evoking spells

Light: Level 2 spell. It creates a light above you, and the best part is that you don't need to use an equipment slot for that and it is also cheap to cast whenever it fades. You may want to include that on your buff window if you don't plan to carry a conventional light source.

Knock: Level 3 spell. This can be a good one to have above level 23. Sometimes during instances you will find locked doors, and to save you the pain of looking for a key, you can use this spell to magically unlock it. It is even more interesting than pass door, for pass door would charge all of mana to pass through a single door while knock could easily unlock it for very low cost.

Fireball: Level 7 spell. This one is your main single target spell. It can hit from a range of 5, so if you started the fight, it is possible that you can cast it 5 times before getting close to your foe. It is also your trick to reach quickly to level 19. Beware though, for when a foe is too close, you wont have room to cast it.

Gust of wind: Level 10 spell. This one can be a life saver, or can easily turn the tide against you if you're not careful. This is an area spell used to knock enemies back, it doesn't causes damage but can be very useful in a combo with fireball. Just take care not to hit more enemies than you can handle with it.

Web: Level 18 spell. This spell will trap your enemies, preventing them from moving. It's maximum range without any expertizes is 5, and the range of your dragonfire is 3, so make sure to cast a dragonfire first, and them the web spell, so you can safely keep attacking with your foes unable to move.

Dragonfire: Level 23 spell. Your main attack method, this is the last part of your great combo. Enter a room without being noted with improved invisibility, cast a dragonfire to start the fight, trap them with web and keep blasting and they may fall. Renew the web if necessary.

Useful In/Evoking spells

Shield: Level 1 spell. This basic protection spell will aid you on your path to level 10. Although not very efficient for later levels, it is considerable cheap and the protection worth it. It's duration is short, so it will not fit in the buff window, cast it when you feel you can use some extra protection.

Floating disc: Level 3 spell. This one is handy if you plan to carry alot of things. You can cast it on an object and have it floating alongside you. So you can cast it on a big countainer and happy looting.

Dispel Magic: Level 5 spell. This spell allows you to remove a spell cast on you, including the ones cast by other players or enemies. It will remove the last spell from your affects list, so it is wise to use it to remove bad spells.

Other essential spells

Magic Missile: Level 1 Conjuration spell. A cheap offensive spell to help you on your way to level 10. The number of missiles increases when your level up, so it can be a nice close range spell for when you're out of possibilities.

Detect Hidden: Level 7 Divination spell. Sometimes you may enconter hidden enemies and passages that will be revealed while you walk using this spell. It's duration is rhort though, and may not fit on your buff window.

Haste: Level 12 Alteration spell. This spell is very useful for every level, but it becomes more vital after level 19. You gain an extra action during a turn, which means another spell for us. It can be a bit costly and it's duration short, but it is worth having.

Improved Invisibility: Level 19 Illusion spell. One of the most important spells for your safety. It will grant you invisibility even if you start a fight, and multiple enemies will only start to notice you if you attack them. It's initial duration is around 4 minutes, so it is strongly recommended to get the extended illusing expertise to use with this spell. Some foes will try to cast detect invisibility, but even if they succeed, you'll have plenty of time to attack.

Other useful spells

Clog Mouth: Level 2 Transmutation spell. "This spell causes the target's mouth to become clogged with gunk. The target remains able to use any breath weapons, but is unable to put anything into its mouth, such as food or drink." What does it means? No dragon food today. It is one of the effective ways to prevent someone to end up eaten.

Stoneskin: Level 11 Transmutation spell. This spell will make you have an 25% chance of avoiding 6 attacks. This is a good extra obstacle for your enemy not be able to touch you.

Fly: Level 12 Transmutation Spell. Flying is good, isn't it?

Gate: Level 13 Conjuration spell. This spell can save you the pain of walking half the world to meet someone, just cast gate followed by a target's name and you'll be there shortly. It has some drawbacks. If you fail to cast the spell, you can end up on undesired places, and it consumes a good amount of mana.

Hungerless: Level 22 Transmutation spell. Imagine do a grinding without needing to worry about food. Huh?

Combat Precognition: Level 23 Divination spell. This is basically a dodge in the form of a spell, a very efficient extra way of preventing them to touch you, alongside stoneskin. The mana cost is really high though, so you will probably want to use it in higher levels, when you get reduced divination.

Thirstless: Level 24 Transmutation spell. This will make you don't need that much to expend that precious 1 questpoint to buy the infinite handy waterskin.


Revoke: Level 1 Neutralization skill. This skill allows you to remove a spell you previously cast on yourself. Note that it is not possible to revoke a spell cast by another mob or player with the skill. It is very important for you to clear and recast your buff window when it is below 5 minutes.

Bandaging: Level 1 Anatomy skill. When you're bleeding you can not regenerate hp or mana, so if you have this skill and some bandages you can solve it without the need to wait or recalling.

Meditation: Level 16 Fitness skill. You can use this to regain mana at a faster rate. Noise and needs like eating and drinking may make you lose concentration, but just look for a quieter place and sit or rest before using the skill.