Ability Achievements (Clan)

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Using certain abilities can provide the following clan achievements.

Achievement Count Type Title Reward Notes
Cast 1000000 Divination Spells 1000000 DIVINATION 10000 Clan XP
Cast 1000000 Abjuration Spells 1000000 ABJURATION 10000 Clan XP
Cast 1000000 Illusion Spells 1000000 ILLUSION 10000 Clan XP
Cast 1000000 Invocation/Evocation Spells 1000000 INVOCATION/EVOCATION 10000 Clan XP
Cast 1000000 Alteration Spells 1000000 ALTERATION 10000 Clan XP
Cast 1000000 Transmutation Spells 1000000 TRANSMUTATION 10000 Clan XP
Cast 1000000 Enchantment/Charm Spells 1000000 ENCHANTMENT/CHARM 10000 Clan XP
Cast 1000000 Conjuration Spells 1000000 Conjuration 10000 Clan XP
Cast 1000000 Spells 1000000 SPELLS 10000 Clan XP
Pray 1000000 Times 1000000 PRAYERS 10000 Clan XP
Sing/Play/Dance 10000 Times 10000 SONGS 10000 Clan XP
Use 500000 Thief Skills 500000 THIEF SKILLS 10000 Clan XP
Cast 1000000 Times 1000000 CHANTS 10000 Clan XP