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=CoffeeMUD Builder Information=
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Builders may have special skills unique to builders. Builders may also be able to create new abilities with the GenAbility feature of CoffeeMUD.

Builder Skills


The following skills are not assigned to any level of Praetor:

  • Accuse
  • Freeze
  • Infect
  • Injure
  • MatrixPossess
  • Multiwatch
  • Record
  • Stinkify


Skill Components


The All-Qualifies is divided into two categories, Abilities for ALL classes and Abilities for EACH class.


The All-Qualifies list is a set of abilities that every class will gain at the prescribed rate and level. Commoners, ironically, will not gain COMMON skills from the All-Qualifiers list (they will only gain common skills prescribed by their class. The default All Qualify skill list is used by the original CoffeeMUD.


These abilites will be granted to each class, even common skills to commoners. The default Every Qualify skills list is used by the original CoffeeMUD.

Skill Recipes