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Examples: auction up ring

auction up ring 100

auction bid 150

auction channel the ring is really great!

auction close

auction list

auction info

Description: This versatile command is used by players wishing to auction items at real time over the AUCTION channel, as well as by those wishing to bid on items up for auction. To start an auction, the player enters AUCTION UP plus the name of the item, and an optional starting bid. If there is no other auction going on at the time, the auction will begin. Auctions last for a silent 5 minutes, plus 1 minute for each going once/twice/sold. If no bids have been received after the first 3 minutes, the item will proceed directly to the going once/twice/sold period. The person putting on the auction may, at any time, close the auction without penalty by entering "auction close", or communicate on the auction channel (to give a better item description perhaps) using "auction channel (message)".

To place a bid on an auction that is ongoing, a player need only enter "auction bid (amount)". Where amount is the maximum amount the player will pay for the item. A proxy bidding system is in place for all auctions. The current bid on the item will always be less than or equal to the bid of the high bidder, and at least 1 gold more than the bid of the previous high bidder. This means that, if the current bid on an item is 5, and a player bids 10, the new bid will become 6 (one more than the previous high bid). If another player then bids 20, the new bid will become 11.

Players can also get information on a live auction while it is going on by entering AUCTION INFO or AUCTION LIST.

When an auction ends, the system will attempt to automatically complete the transaction for both the bidder and the auctioneer. The proper money will be transferred (in converted notes) from the high bidder to the auctioneer. The item up for auction will be automatically transferred from the auctioneer to the high bidder. The auction house may take a cut both when then auction is placed up, and on the final price.

See also help on AUCTIONS


  • Auctions are normally listed in the currency of your RECALL area.