Meeting on Sunday, November 13th, 2016

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  • Joe brought in a dead MSD single drive
    • The drive seemed to be failing the boot test
    • The voltages looked good
    • Carlos suggested swapping the drive mech, which Bo said is nuts because "Drive mech control boards never fail."
    • Carlos was right. We swapped with an Amiga mech, which fixed the boot problem.
    • The Amiga mech could write small files, and read back its own, but not standard disks, or write long files. Fail.
  • Jack and his son brought in 3 Amiga 2000 boards, an Amiga 3000 w/o PS, an A2000 PS, and numerous cables.
    • None of the boards work. Getting one working will result in the club being able to keep one, I think?
  • Bo showed a problem with the modem on his flat C128, where it would not permit CP/M to boot.
  • Carlos set up a Raspberry PI running Amiga emulation, which gave us a chance to go through AmigaOS installation.
    • We had trouble figuring out how to get files on the PI's hard drive into the Amiga environment for installation.
    • Turns out the emulator supported seeing a PI folder AS a hard drive volume. <sigh>
    • We also looked over several programs; Carlos is most interested in programming on it.