Meeting on Sunday, July 10th, 2016

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  • Joe brought his C64 back in, this time for a keyboard cleaning.
    • Joe disassembled, cleaned the metal contacts, reassembled partially, and then tested the keys.
  • Joe also brought in is Enhancer 2000 drive, which tested out fine.
  • Kelly Fox was new, and he brought in a C128 for us to inspect a broken key.
    • We recommended replacing the key plunger, as it is cracked. We found some replacement parts on eBay that would probably work.
  • Carl Perry was new, and brought in a completely Decked Out Amiga 1200 and monitor.
    • He hooked it up and we tried to get him on the local network for a file exchange, but that wasn't really working.
    • He told us about his project to replace the entire case with a new one from Kickstarter.
  • We discussed various project ideas, ate Pizza, and drank root beers.