Meeting on Sunday, August 15th, 2016

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  • Joe brought in a dead 1541 (upgraded 1540), which he said had started smoking
    • We disassembled everything and decided it was the AC Main filter going bad
    • The voltages looked good at that time, so we replaced the 6502 to get it working
  • Joe brought in a brown 1541 that wouldn't read disks
    • We gave it a really good head cleaning to get it to read the alignment disk
    • Alignment tests were very strange -- it kept skipping to track 36. Something is wrong.
  • Joe brought in an Enhancer 2000 (1541 compatible) disk drive
    • It just needed a good head cleaning to be back in service.
  • James brought in Chocolate Oreos, a good oscilloscope, and helped figure out the 1541s
  • Carlos helped debug Bo's ethernet modem, which was blowing fuses on the C64.
    • Turns out he had assembled it correctly, but had jumpered it wrong. :/
  • Carl brought in THREE TERABYTES of Amiga software
    • Bo will do his best to archive that stuff -- somehow.
  • Carl also brought in a dead A1200, and found the schematics.
    • Carlos borrowed Bo's power supply and volunteered to look into it.
  • MT was a new member who brought profound curiousity.