C64Net Wireless Internet (WiFi) Modem

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C64Net WiFi card hardware design and construction by Carlos Santiago from www.ElectronicsIsFun.com

  • Compatible with VIC-20, C-64, and C-128 User Port.
  • Supports DCD, 300-9600 baud (with UP9600 compatible client), and hardware flow control
  • Supports BBS programs!
  • Programmable from BASIC using standard KERNAL calls
  • Numerous example BASIC utilities, ML source, and GEOS programs

Purchase an assembled modem Here

Download the C= Applications Disk Here (updated 10/02/2021)

Read the C= Applications Docs Here (updated 8/15/2018)

Download the C= GEOS App Disk Here (updated 3/28/2020)

Read the firmware docs / AT-Command Set here (updated 8/15/2018)

Schematic -- click for enlargement



1. Make the modem according to the schematics above.

2. Ether compile the source from here or download the compiled binary here.

3. Follow the instructions here to flash the firmware.

4. Check out the firmware docs here.

5. Download some Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 (40 or 80 col) utilities here.

6. Download some Commodore GEOS utilities here.

7. Read the docs for the C64/C128 utilities and programming the modem from BASIC here.


Here are a picture of the fabricated Rev1, Rev2, Rev3, and Rev4


This is the first hand wired prototype of the C64Net.

Top of the rev1 prototype modem


Bottom of the rev1 prototype modem